Training & Supervision

Supervision in the Helping Professions

Supervision is an integral part of the counselling and psychotherapy professions.

It has spread to many other helping professions such as:

        • parent support workers
        • children centre staff
        • teachers
        • learning mentors
        • medical workers
        • child protection officers
        • designated safeguarding leads
        • social workers
        • pastoral workers


  • Many professional roles have come to include a high level of “helping” in addition to the primary function. Teaching for example, now has a very high pastoral component requiring school staff at all levels to engage with issues affecting pupil well-being. A pressurised school environment often does not provide the opportunity for de-stressing, reflecting or monitoring professional and personal responses to distressed pupils, fraught parents and complex situations such as safeguarding matters.

    For professions with a high ratio of client contact, supervision can provide a separate space in which to reflect on professional practice and personal responses.  Paying attention to the professional and personal needs of staff enables them to recharge their batteries and maintain enthusiasm for the work.

    As well as helping the individual, the benefit to the organisation is less stressed staff and a reduction in staff absenteeism. If you think a member of your staff (or a group of staff members) would benefit from supervision with an experienced supervisor and would like further information please contact Catherine Ivatts at  or telephone 0161 764 7813.

    We believe that relationship skills can be learnt and that it helps to talk about relationships with other people who are going through similar things.  This can help you to put things in perspective, learn how to deal with difficult situations, restore balance to family life, and keep time aside for you and those close to you.


    The Relationship Hub delivers training for professionals addressing issues that arise in counselling, to enable greater awareness in complementing an existing counselling programme.  For instance, we offer workshops for teachers and others with pastoral responsibility for children and young people, to help raise awareness of presenting issues, and aid decisions about referrals.

    If there is something of this nature you believe your organisation and staff could benefit from, please contact Ross Grant at, or phone him on 0161 764 7813.